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Our Creed

"Virtus in Numeris"

And a few words on this new technology

"Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" by Satoshi Nakamoto

To this day, the creator of Bitcoin remains a mystery. The only part of Satoshi Nakamoto that exists in open contact with the world is the protocol he created for a decentralized monetary system. This means Bitcoin has no owner and thus no specific direction. In a way, this may seem concerning. But to us, it's freedom. The Bitcoin protocol retains the attributes that most benefit the majority of its users (anyone in the world) and will only change once majority consensus has been reached.

The internet has forever changed the way people communicate and how quickly it's possible to do so. We see the internet as the liberator of information, a levelled playing field in which more people are able to educate themselves as well as others. The arrival of Bitcoin is the financial arm of the internet. Today's methods of moving value across the web are reliable, but only because they depend on a central party to manage countless accounts and consolidate transactions between other central parties. But what Bitcoin has managed to achieve is a reliable network that allows for the transfer of value between two parties without the need of a financial institution (in technical terms it has solved the Byzantine General's Problem). We hope the decentralization of value transfer will serve to vastly multiply the still increasing benefits the internet has proffered to societies.

It has been our ongoing mission to educate and provide best practices to those entering the cryptocurrency space. The abstract concept of money has been evolving with humanity for centuries, and we believe we've come upon a strong contender for the digital age. A common creed has been passed along the Bitcoin community to express the universal power of both mathematics and network effects (both integral to Bitcoin): "Virtus in Numeris", Latin for strength in numbers. We will shamelessly adopt it as our own.

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The Birth of a new asset

The first Bitcoin was minted on January 3rd 2009.