• Andy Gonzalez

A Word on Manifest Destiny

Yes, we do live in a civilized society, but we're not out of the woods yet. Manifest destiny was the narrative that pushed violence and subjugation westward in a convincing fashion to communities in the 19th century who may have also believed there was little technological and societal progress left for them to hone and refine which left them little choice but to spread it to the rest of the world by any means necessary. Is it possible we are still just as naive as our forefathers in believing all of our current technologies and societal norms have little room to grow and develop? I wouldn't bet on it. Take the concept of money, for example, it once took the preferred form of gold and is now mostly represented by paper backed by men with guns (in the words of American Economist Paul Krugman). Is violence truly the way we're meant to do business from here on out?

Credits to u/maxcoiner on the /r/Bitcoin subreddit.

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